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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Usage of Connection pooling in ADO.NET

Connection Pooling is helps to reuse the database connection for more than one user. That connection might be SQL, or OLEDB its improves performance as the applications do not need to open and close the connection multiple times.

When the connection is closed or disposed in ADO.NET, it is returned to the connection pool and remains idle for until a request for a new connection comes in.If the no connection comes , the connection to the backend is closed and the connection instance is removed from the Connection Pool.

Connection pooling improves the performance of,

Normally connection pooling is declard in web.congif  connection string ...


    <add name="Proj" connectionString=" uid=guest; pwd=007; database=student; Pooling=true; Max pool size=100; Min poolsize=0""/>

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