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Monday, July 11, 2011

How to verify drupal site with search engine like google?

                I Just want to share my experience with google. Recently I worked with Drupal site.If you want to say briefly, Now I am Building a new tutorial site for ASP.Net and in Drupal. Actually using Drupal is very interesting one, You can easily upload your content at any time wherever you are..
Already I have written an articles about Drupal for you reference I mention link..

When I want to add my site to Google ,I use many methods like adding mete data in head section, But google does not verify my site’s, then I goggled many site ,but I didn’t get proper result. That time I thought to decide to write a articles about this topic.
One of the easiest way to add your Drupal site to Google Install the module Site Verification in Drupal
You can get this module from this below link….Direct link
After installation the Module Go to Configuration->Search and metadata->Verfication
Add the meta data of Google or yahoo, and verify your site. By doing this method your site will be displayed in Google search index.
To get meta data from famous search engine..
To validate in google use below link
To validate in yahoo use below link
To validate in Bing use below link
I hope this one helpful to all…………


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