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Friday, July 1, 2011

Introduction to DRUPAL 7

In this article I am going to share new package I.e. Drupal. Recently I totally immersed to work with Drupal, In Drupal I found Number of interesting things. So I thought to write a Blog about Drupal.

Drupal is a free software package. It has content management features. So any one without having programming knowledge can able to edit and create website with help of Drupal.
But in Working with Drupal you must know some Basic Knowledge about Drupal design, If you don’t know the basic, then you stuck for silly methods in Drupal.
In Drupal all the coding are written inside, For user only needs knowledge to design the website by using the modules.
For installing Drupal you can find the installation Xampp server file in this location

After installation Go to internet explorer type http://localhost/xampp/
List of things you must know before start work in Drupal.
                Drupal contains number of modules .modules used extend our needs  and customize the functionality in drupal. Modules like a file to install separately using module option after installation to enable the particular module.

In below Links you can find number of modules mostly used in Drupal.
Structure contains the important menu in Drupal like Blocks, content Types
Blocks are the boxes present in the side bar of the site, we can easily move the blocks and keep at any place for our needs.
In an website every new page has call it as node, we can call the page using Node number, pages like forum, article all the page call it as node.
In drupal you can find number themes, so it’s very easy to change the theme for your taste of design, it’s one of the advantages in Drupal.
Here let us see How to change the Themes in Drupal
Once you downloaded the Theme, then go to Appearance Menu Select Install New theme.
Select your path from your system or directly you can mention the Ftp path of the themes. After installation select the theme as Default
Add Content:
                Add content is used to add new basic page or web form.

                Menus are added in vertical and horizontal in site.
To Add Menu:
Go to structure->Menu -> Add new Field
How to add a new page in Drupal:
Click Content in administrator menu-> Add Content -> Click Basic Page.

I hope this one really helpful to those want to know about DRUPAL.


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