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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Show image as thmbnail using jquery in

Everyone have to search to display an image in thumbnail..because its necessary to show in thumbnail. Otherwise image was shrink it’s not look good…
When I am surfing I found very easy, simple code to show image in thumbnail….so I share the code with my blog folks………

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
function makethumb(src,FixedSize)
{var Width = $(src,this).width();
var Height = $(src,this).height();
var Ratio = Width / Height;
if (Width > FixedSize) {$(src,this).width(FixedSize)}
if (Height > FixedSize) {
var sizedwidth = FixedSize / Ratio;
var sizedheight = FixedSize / Ratio;
if (Height > Width) { if (Height > sizedwidth) {$(src,this).height = FixedSize}
if (sizedwidth > FixedSize) {$(src,this).width($(src,this).width() * Ratio);}
else {$(src,this).height($(src,this).height() * Ratio);}
else {$(src,this).width(FixedSize)}
<img id="a1" class="thumbnail" src="" onload="makethumb(this,100)" />
<img id="a2" class="thumbnail" src="" onload="makethumb(this,100)"/>

i hope this one helpful to all........


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