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Friday, January 13, 2012

Merchant Account service in PayPal

Here I share bit of information I came to know when I used paypal in my project…

For creating merchant service or account in paypal, we must choose what type of account is suitable for your website. Basically the following merchant services are available in Paypal service.

1. Paypal express checkout
2. Website payment pro

PayPal express checkout:
For creating PayPal express checkout account, just you need to add your credit card to paypal.
The user will review payment information, and if everything is OK, enter the login credentials. After this, PayPal will redirect him to the URL you specified with RETURNURL when you called SetExpressCheckout.
Pricing details:
·         No monthly fees
·         No set-up fees
·         No cancellation fees

When you’re doing transaction with your merchant account they get following  transaction fees..

2.4% to 3.4% + $0.30 USD
For more refer the below links….

Website payment pro:
·         Website payment pro do  a direct payment from your site..without redirect to PayPal site…once you have the website payment account pro account  and easily pay the amount using credit card or debit card..No need of any paypal accounts all the processing is done by your page itself ….Just they offer $30 monthly fee

With no extra fees, Website Payments Pro is on average up to 14% less expensive than other credit card processors.1
·         $30 monthly fee
·         No downgrade fees
·         No gateway fee
·         No early termination penalty
·         No monthly minimum
·         No statement fees

For more refer the below links….


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