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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paymentaction in PayPal or the difference between sale and authorization,order in paypal transaction:

In normally paypal have sale and authorization transaction, many developer try to know the difference between the two transactions.

Authorization Transaction:

When doing paypal transaction if set paymentaction is authorization,
Then when doing transaction, amount has not credited in merchant account. When checking transaction view payment status would be pending. Once merchant has authorized the transaction amount then the amount credited in to merchant account.
Sample shot as …

Sale Transaction:

When default the paypal use sale transaction. Paymentaction has only optional one…
Once the transaction has completed the amount credited to merchant account. So there no need to authorize the amount.

Order transaction:

if set paymentaction is authorization then use the Authorization & Capture API to authorize and capture the payment payments. The Merchant Services on the PayPal website let you capture payments only for authorizations, not for orders.

I hope you find something useful about paypal..


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