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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Store or import your bookmark into Delecious


Delicious is the place to collect and showcase your passions from across the web. Save your bookmark in your own ID, Also you can make your bookmark as public as well as private..
Here you can import you saved bookmark into delicious from your browser..So you can use at anywhere.

Chrome Browser:
Step 1:Go to: click Customize control
Step 2: select Bookmark ->and select Bookmark manager
step  3: click the button organize
Step 4: Then you can find the option Export Bookmark to HTML file
Create and store the bookmark html file in any folder..
Then open your delicious page sign in your account and Go to setting in the right side you can find the option import ..
Select the import and upload your created html bookmark file...that’s it.....

Now you can get your bookmark anywhere for your needs..

I hope you like this article......

Store or import your bookmark into Delecious:


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