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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Client and server side state management system using in

Here you will see about the different state management system used in web page

What is State management:
·         State management is the process of saving user information over multiple request same or different web page
·         State is saved on the server and preserve continuity of user information.
·         A session is timeframe from when user enters a website until they exit.

There are two types of sate management system
1.       Client side management system.
2.       Sever side management system.

Client side management system:
·         Cookies
Its text file stores the information on client side.
To learn more about cookies with an example click the below link
·         View state
View state objects retain a value on multiple requests. Its saved the data for a single page.
·         Query string
Information stored at the end of the URL,so we can easily get the information from the url.
Server side management system:
·         Application sate
Store information is available to all users.
·         Session state
Store information is available to specific user.
·         Database or state server.
Use database or state server for scalability.
For know about application state ,session with an example click the below link..


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