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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Change Your destiny by controlling your thoughts

Thoughts are a double edged sword. they are the foundation for the creative  process and they are also the basis for turning our mindset negative and even destructive. it is the same kind that creates the eternal art of leonardo da vinci,the mathematic genius of albert einstein and also madness of adolf hitler..

It’s now research found that on an average 60,000 thoughts cross over minds everyday. The sad is part is that most of us have no control over our thoughts. Typically all we have good though in our mind it always leads to success.
When you are destruction or distraught, always have an good thought, Positive thought increase our confident energy level.

Everyone have good and bad though in our mind, but most we get sucked into depressive thought.
How does one try to control thought?
One way its old practice to control the anger is to count letter backward from fifty to zero.

Another method is to try to recall the happy moment of your life. Like memories of your childhood, the beautiful sunset that you saw and the last tender moment with your mother. In most of case we spending time alone, whenever you felt down, recall happy moments then smile come on your face.

Your life is not hopeless as there are many things that make life worth living.
The finest logical deduction I have read abut how thoughts shape our destiny is by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. He says:

Take care of your Thought because they become Words.
Take Care of your Words they will become Actions
Take Care of our Action they will become Habits.
Take Care of your Habits they will from your Character.
Take Care of your Character because it will form your Destiny.
And your Destiny will be your Life!


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