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Friday, July 27, 2012

Earn more money with your mobile application

If you are mobile developer ,you are developing more application on your own ,,then start earning with your application.Now Nokia have tie up with  entered into partnerships withBharti Airtel (Airtel), Vodafone India (Vodafone) and Reliance Mobile, the top GSM mobile operators in India, to offer integrated billing solutions.

Even you can download the price application from the nokia store directly without using any credit card, they can get the money form your prepaid balance or in your postpaid.

For Developers have an opportunity to create and distributing your local application in Nokia store.
Then you can get the profit depends on your application download and usage on market.

Publish Nokia store on easy steps:

Here are the steps for adding your apps to Nokia Store once you've tested and packaged them:
Step 1: Register to become a publisher if you haven't already done so. There is a one-time 1 euro registration fee.
Step 2: Go to the Nokia Publish self-serve tool.
Step 3: Add your content metadata, including icons, screen shots, and content descriptions. Choose a price point.
Step 4: Upload your packaged installation file.
Step 5: Select the devices, countries and languages to which you want to distribute your content.
Step 6: Submit your content for our Quality Assurance (QA) review. Plan for a turnaround time of four to six days.
Once your content receives QA approval, it will be pushed live to the Nokia Store content servers through a scheduled export process. Through your Nokia Publish account, you can view daily reports on downloads, sales, and estimated revenues. You are paid on a monthly basis once you've accumulated more than 100 euros in sales.
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