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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to install android APK file in android mobile phone

Here I would like to share my experience to start my first android application in my android phone.
I was very curious to see my application on my android phone, so I start to install my application on my phone. In this process I try number of methods to install my android application on my phone, but my works are helpless. Then finally I tried one method this time my application has successfully installed on my phone. Here I share the steps I followed.

Steps 1:
Create your android virtual device exactly same as your android mobile version.

Steps 2:
Run your project or press Ctrl + f11

Step 3:
In your project bin folder file has been created with your application name .apk
Get the .apk file from the folder

Step 4:
Just copy the file to your mobile phone by sending the .apk file to your phone any method you can follow to get the apk file to your phone.
Then the application will be installed on your phone.. That’s it.

Any doubts post your comments here…….


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