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Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to put entire website to maintenance mode or under construction

Have you ever come across such situation to put your live site into maintenance mode or new hosting site to show in under construction mode. If so then no need to worry about the operation.

It’s very simple to switch your site into maintenance mode. For that you don’t need to work on IIS or do blaw blaw..Coding or changes in website.
Also don’t think need to do changes or put any code in the entire website page. It’s very simple process .
All you have to do simply create new html file and name the file as App_Offline.htm and add the file into the root of a web application directory. Then it will totally shutdown the application
Then does the html code to show indicate user for the website is under maintenance.
<h1>Under Maintenance</h1>

That’s it now you can open any page on your project it will show the html page. It will not open any of your website site pages until you delete or remove the App_Offline.htm file.


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