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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to recover the data file from USB PEN Drive or Flash Drive

Hi...Here I would like to share some useful information about USB pen drive. Now a day’s mostly the USB Flash drive are used to save the data, because it’s very easy to carry and easy to transfer the data.
However everything has its  advantage and disadvantage, for USB causing virus is one of the major problem, because we used it at various system so it’s have more possibilities to get virus on pen drive result the data stored in the pen drive should loss the visibility i.e. data are not  shown on the pen drive.
When you see the properties it will show the size of the data. Now data has been present as hidden in the pen drive. To recover the data you need to follow the below steps
1.       First insert the pen drive on your system
2.       Go to start->Run
3.       Enter cmd on Run window
4.       Now the black dos prompt will be open
5.       Then enter the USB pen drive letter for an example pen drive has e: drive
6.       Enter E:
7.       Enter the below command
attrib -h -s -r /s/d *.*
8.       Now press enter now you can open pen drive and check your lossed data is present in your pen drive

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