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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Useful Shortcut key for windows XP

Now days most of the system survive only by using windows xp ,for that main reason is its very fast, easy to use and its working for even low configuration system’s .Normally in XP we use only mouse for all the operation. For an every movement in mouse also have shortcut key in keyboard.
Already we know some shortcut key in window xp.But knowing these shortcut key useful to use without mouse option
Shortcut key:

Windows key=Used to open start menu in taskbar
Windowskey+R=Used to open Run command prompt.
windowsKey+M=Used to minimize all the open windows.
WindowsKey+E=Used to open MyComputer
WindowsKey+F=Used to open search option in windows.
WindowsKey+D=Used to view desktop or to minimize all open windows
WindowsKey+Pause=Used to view system properties
Alt+SpaceBar+N=Used to minimize current program window
Alt+SpaceBar+R=Used to restore current program window
Alt+SpaceBar+C= Used to close current program window
Shift+Delete=Used to delete file without sending to Recycle Bin

I hope this shortcut should be useful to someone…


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