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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Online Exams And Certifications in .Net

Free Online Exams And Certifications

  • RankSheet provides a bunch of free online exams for candidates to evaluate themselves in .Net, C#, VB, Java, PHP, My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, HTML, Java script, OOPS, C++, Windows , Linux and more
  • RankSheet is just not a skill evaluation portal, candidates that qualify in the exams get 100% free certification.
Get Hired

  • Employers hire you directly from RankSheet based on your dynamic resume and your RankSheet certifications.
  • Participate in online assessments conducted by Companies in RankSheet.
  • Apply for jobs using your RankSheet account.
  • Follow the companies you like to work at and get notified about job openings and online assessments.
Guidelines to take up an Online Assessment:
·         1.       Visit the Link:
·         2.       You will be asked to create a Login.
·         3.       Once you have the login, you will be asked to take up Online Assessment Test. This is an Technical Test. Taking up this test is mandatory.
·         4.       Duration of the test would be 30 minutes.
·         5.       After completion of test, we will intimate you via mail on further proceedings.
·         6.       Do not use multiple windows while taking up the exam, test will get terminated automatically.
·         7.       Wait until you get a password also make sure you don’t press refresh or back button before that.
·         8.       Make sure you don’t have any power shut down when you take the test.


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